Valentine’s Gifts for Him

Something strange I’ve begun to realize for the past few months: all men are obsessed with waffle makers, and I’m so confused by this. My first encounter of a guy being obsessed with a waffle maker was with a coworker about 3 years ago: he and his now-wife had just registered for their wedding and he was the most pumped about his waffle maker and new coffee maker. Most recently, one of my best guy friends told me how excited he was for a mini-waffle maker he’d just gotten himself for his new apartment.

So for this gift guide, I wanted to stick with my cozy Valentine’s theme and give the guys what they want for an easy Saturday morning: lounge clothes, coffee mug, a few mini pampering products, and you guessed it… a waffle maker.

Disclaimer: this gift guide has been reviewed and approved by Dave. And for the record he even went “Ohhh a waffle maker!” I rest my case

1. Yeti Travel Coffee Mug | 2. Birchbox Men Subscription

3. Patterned Socks | 4. Valentine’s Boxers

5. Smather’s & Branson Keychain

6. Patagonia Pullover | 7. Waffle Maker


What are some of your go-to Valentine’s gifts for the men in your life? Drop me a line in the comments!!

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