Table Talk Vol. I

This is TABLE TALK – a weekly series where we sit down and talk about…whatever comes to mind! Some weeks we may share some links, other days we’ll share our personal stories. Eventually, we really want you guys to ask questions throughout the week. Be sure to submit questions via the “Contact” page or in the comments!

Clearly we’re off to a great start because its not Sunday, but you probably need a quick escape before making pulling reports or sifting through work emails. If you like something you see (or don’t? I’ll take criticism?) leave a comment below!


You need this candle for fall.

How old were you when you started going grey? I started greying a couple years ago, and I think I find a new patch of greys once a week! My hairdresser refuses to let me dye my hair, but I’ve definitely started owning it a bit more! Here are four womens’ take on going grey.

What state are you from? I’m not in the least bit surprised to see “Squash Casserole” is the most googled recipe in my home state of Georgia!

It took so long for me to finally feel comfortable to workout in just a sports bra. The first time I took off my shirt (“Why would I take off a perfectly good shirt I paid $50 for?!”) in a workout class was a Soul Cycle class. I was worried everyone would see me in the mirror and point and laugh at my fat rolls as I bent over the bike. To my surprise that didn’t happen, and slowly overtime I began to wear only a sports bra, especially in my hot yoga classes and cycling classes. I’ve even said “Fuck it,” a time or two in boxing classes. Now, I can hardly fathom not working out in just my sports bra or crop top! Surprisingly it’s a major confidence booster.

This news really hits home for me. Cooking Light has always been one of my favorite print magazines!

Is this why Dave won’t let me have a dog in the city?

My favorite boots that I’m taking to get resoled this week – you’ll catch me in these every. single. day. from October to February.

Where have you always wanted to travel? Thinking we need to add Morocco to the list.

Kat’s kitchen is complete *heart eyes*.


Have a wonderful week, y’all! Take care.

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