Sticking To Your Fitness Routine


Happy Monday!! It’s a double post kind of day! The holidays are over, we went back to work last week, and we’re officially back in the swing of things and well into our reset month. Getting back into a routine can royally suck, for sure. When my alarm would go off at 5:45 last week I let out a collective groan, but told myself if I didn’t get my day started then I would sleep in and regret it later. Personally, I need to stick to a pretty strict routine to keep me sane as well as yield results I look toward. These are the 6 things that I’ve found really work for me, and I hope they help you start 2019 off right!


Find Your Favorite Classes

You’re likely to stick to a fitness routine if you enjoy it. For me, I don’t enjoy running (not one ounce of me enjoys it), so I stick to more low impact workouts that produce results. Find what works for you! If you live in New York, some of my favorite classes as of late are:

If you live in a big city, I also can’t recommend Class Pass enough! Class Pass was (and still is) one of my favorite ways to try out new classes! If you’d like to try a month F R E E by clicking this link to sign up!

Schedule It In

I say this all the time – the only way to stick to a routine is if you, well, make it routine but also treat it like a meeting. Find a time that works for you (I’m a morning workout gal), pencil it in, and set that alarm so you don’t miss it!

Ease Into It

If you haven’t been working out regularly, don’t hit the gym 5 days in a row. Begin with a few days a week, after a couple weeks, add on a day or two. You’ll also not want to go as hard as you can at first – that’s how you get hurt. Slow and easy.

Focus on Food

I’m not telling you you have to cut carbs and dairy or that you can’t eat chips. However, eating cleaner will help you feel your best and ready to kill your workout! Focus on fueling yourself with lean protein and veggies!

Send Sweaty Selfies

You would honestly be amazed what a sweaty selfie can do for your motivation. A few friends and I are one another’s “Accountability Buddies”, so if they hit the gym that day and I don’t I start to feel guilty. Sweaty selfies can also be a fun way of keeping track of your progress — I can 100% tell a difference in my first sweaty selfie to the one I took yesterday after the gym. So find a friend that you can count on, and start sliding into those DMs.

By the way, clearly I’m all about the Accountability Buddy system, so if you need someone to send your selfies to I’m your girl! Feel free to shoot me a selfie on Instagram!

Be Kind To Your Body

Lastly, just be kind to your body. You only get one — like I said, don’t push the limit, but also make sure you stretch. Take 15 minutes before bed to stretch every day, make sure you get enough sleep, take bubble baths with epsom salt to ease your muscles, and you’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel.


Hopefully you find this helpful! TAKE CARE, AND HAPPY FITNESS-ING!


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