Newport Travel Guide

It all started as an accidental tradition. A long weekend in Newport during the 4th of July holiday has turned into one of the highlights of our summer. We get a house with a questionable amount of room to fit our group of at least 15 (and growing each year) and grill and explore and laugh and dance and drink spiked seltzers for nearly a week. I’m always somehow appointed the housemom and become responsible for all meals and calling the AirBnb owner if something goes wrong. Old and new inside jokes are formed and insults (of only the nicest kinds) are screamed across the dinner table.

Newport has quickly turned into one of our favorite small coastal towns, and we wanted to share some of our favorite spots!

“But Kate,” you’re wondering, “it’s no longer summer!” Hey, I’ve got a secret for you – Coastal Living just named Newport as one of the top 10 best beach towns to visit this fall. Now you don’t have an excuse.

Check out the below guide to a quick Newport weekend, and enjoy!


Where to Stay:

We always stay at an AirBnb within walking distance to Thames Street – close to the bars and Bowen’s Wharf. I can’t recommend this enough! 

Where to Eat:

Where to Go: 

Where to Shop:

Where to Drink:

What are some of your favorite Newport spots? Next time you go let us know!

* all images via Kelsey Cruikshank

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