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Throughout the past year I’ve become increasingly amazed, thankful, and inspired by my close group of girlfriends. They are the most supportive group of women while being total girl bosses – think: Designers, Producers, and Entrepreneurs. Women supporting women is a beautiful thing, y’all.

This being said, I’d cannot wait to introduce you to the genius behind the Sundry Sunday’s branding – Kelsey! Kelsey and I initially connected through our large group of friends, and have become really close. She’s the North to my South, the Martha to my Snoop Dogg. When I came to her with the idea of Sundry Sundays she took the branding idea and ran with it! I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better designer or partnership and really couldn’t have embarked on this journey without her! She’s not just our branding designer, who puts together bomb-ass collateral – just look at everything she’s put together, but part content consultant and part therapist.

Because she’s essentially part of the Sundry Sundays family, we wanted to ask her a few questions for everyone to get to know her!

Without further ado – I’m pleased to introduce Ms. Kelsey Cruikshank.

Where are you from?: Saratoga Springs, NY

How did you get initially become involved with design?: While pursuing my degree in Architectural Engineering at the University of Hartford, I was looking for a greater creative outlet. Creative design in marketing, branding and events was just that. I started my ‘creative career’ working in interior design, graphic design and events and eventually made my way into marketing as well.

What advice do you have for someone who would like to pursue design & marketing?: Learn to be a jack-of-all-trades or a creative hybrid – your skills, brand and personality set you apart. There are so many facets in the world of design careers, more is actually more.

I love how sleek and classic your design work is! Where do you draw your inspiration?: From everything around me. Travel is the best way to inspire creativity.

What’s the most fun project you’ve gotten to work on?: Anything branding related – there are few things better than creating or innovating, personality and character for a brand.

What would be your dream brand to work with?: Martha Stewart, of course.


What do you like to do in your free time?: Travel, as much as a calendar allows.

What’s your ideal vacation?: Anywhere rich in character with many things to do, see and experience. I love to constantly be moving when traveling – no time to waste!

What’s your favorite magazine?: The Magnolia Journal or Real Simple




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You can also follow her on Instagram and Pinterest!


Take care, y’all!

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