10 Amazon Finds For the Kitchen

True Life: I’m Addicted to Amazon. So much so that I order too often and don’t remember what I get — but that means I get a surprise present every now and then, yeah? Figured this week I should put my addiction to good use and bring you my favorite kitchen items that I’ve purchased off Amazon! Enjoy! 


Salt Fat Acid Heat by Samin Nosrat :: If you haven’t caught Samin’s new show, which is also called Salt Fat Acid Heat, on Netflix make sure you add to your list right now!

Amazon Basics Silicone Mat :: Never understood the need of a silicone mat until I heard about my sister rave about them, and she was right. These are amazing. They make for super quick clean up, and literally nothing sticks to them. One of the best kitchen staples!

Stackable Storage Containers :: Having a limited amount of space in my pantry has forced me to be as organized as humanly possible. This should obviously make the type A part of my personality happy.

Ceramic Mixing Bowls :: Are you a glass mixing bowls kind of person? Stainless steel? Glass? Personally, I love a good ceramic mixing bowl!

Command Sponge Caddy :: Like many things which I won’t get into right now, a sponge just hanging out on the bottom of the sink or on the side of the sink skeeves me out. This caddy can be mounted to the backsplash behind the sink and also has a drip tray so you’re not leaking water all over the place.

Le Creuset Salt & Pepper Shakers :: They’re pretty, and they have a purpose. The end.

Lodge Skillet & (BONUS!) Lodge Skillet Silicone Pot Holder :: Not sure how I lived life without my skillet, and not sure how I lived life with my skillet without the silicone pot holder. Because the skillet gets incredibly hot (ya know, because its iron!) you need something that you won’t risk setting on fire while over the gas stove.

Yeti Rambler :: The Yeti train came in hot about 5 years ago, and while I haven’t heard a ton about the company in a couple of years these are still the best cups, in my complete honest opinion. Their coffee cup and koozie also deserve honorable mentions.

OXO Avocado Tool :: If there’s one thing you walk away from this post thinking “I need that!” is this tool. Whenever I’m forced to cut an avocado without this I go into a little panic. With that being said, I’ve known to keep this in my purse and bring it to work.

Stasher Bag :: I think you understand at this point that I have limited space – maybe I should move? But I digress… Stasher bags are a little pricey, but they take the place of tupperware for 90% of things I make (like chicken, greens, veggie sticks, etc.) and they’re easily stored. Definitely worth it in my book.

What are some of your favorite kitchen finds on Amazon? 


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